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The aim of our project is to investigate and build a cost effective unmanned aircraft to be used for nature conservation.

We have set our sights on the high goal of catching a rhino poacher to gauge the success of our project.

We are currently in phase one and are raising funds to start building our prototype.

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I want to make a difference; I want to catch a Rhino Poacher. 

Help me give back and create a platform for cost effective poacher tracking!

The first phase actually involves something I have been doing for a few months now; it is taking the research I've done and putting it into action.

Phase one is raising funds to create a high fidelity prototype of the concept. 

This prototype will be flown in controlled environments and monitored to ensure the maximum effectiveness in the field... we will then take it to the bush and fly it to its extremes and then push it to its limits. 

The next phase is to take the base unit and add the fancy video technology to it. Here we will experiment with various techniques which will allow us to remotely fly (out of sight) and provide alternative view points for trackers and parks board officials.

If within the budget and time, we will investigate recording technologies for the out puts, ensuring that all video streams can not only be monitored onsite, but post flight too!

To take lessons learnt from Phase one & two and improve on the prototype.

We aim to improve the following in this phase:

1.       Distance for video feeds (streaming video)

2.       Flight Duration (time in the air)

3.       Stability of Aircraft (some really fancy equipment to be investigated)